Revian Hair Cap Review

As a hair growth product, the Revian Red Hair Growth System Laser Cap has received mixed reviews since its release. While some customers have reported positive results, many others have criticized the product for its high cost, discomfort, effectiveness, and customer service.   One of the most significant issues that customers have raised is the … Read more

Definitive Guide to Hair Loss and Laser Therapy

Hair Loss Buyers Guide

Hair Loss Is Emotional If you’re one of the millions of people experiencing hair loss, you know it’s much more than a physical problem. For both men and women, our hair is often our most recognizable and consistent identifier. Socially, a healthy head of hair is attributed to youth, virility, and even success (R), making … Read more

Kiierr Review | Is It Worthy Of The Hype?

a man checks his hair loss in a mirror

The Kiierr Brand Has Become an Industry Leader Since Starting in 2018 While some overseas companies pop-up left and right in sketchy packaging with no FDA-Clearance.. Kiierr did things the right way. Kiierr laser caps are FDA-Cleared, which is legal and necessary to properly start a class 2 medical device company, conduct quality control and … Read more

iRestore Laser Hair Growth Helmet Review

iRestore Essential Laser Hair Growth Helmet

The iRestore Essential laser hair growth helmet system claims to provide “safe and effective solutions for improving health and beauty.” Like many low-level laser therapy (LLLT) systems, users tend to see results with prolonged use as per the company’s directions. In this case, iRestore users can likely expect results in 12 to 24 weeks. iRestore … Read more