Nioxin Shampoo Reviews

Nioxin Hair Thinning Shampoos

From the moment you first notice a bald spot or thinning, you start to panic and try to find a solution to grow your hair back fast quickly. Many of us have been there, and it’s hard to dive through the hundreds of products available in all honesty but from my experience and talking with … Read more

Shapiro MD Shampoo and Conditioner Reviews

shapiromd shampoo and conditioner review

Hair loss is the WORST and leaves you with more questions than answers when you try to find effective products to help grow your hair back. If you reading this I know you’re like I used to be and you are doing a ton of online research about what works and what doesn’t work to … Read more

Keraviatin Review

keraviatin review

If you are on a hair growth journey, you have probably stumbled across the benefits of adding a hair growth vitamin to your daily ritual. Hair growth vitamins help address any nutrient deficiencies you might have and help stimulate your scalp and hair health from within. One popular supplement currently on the market is Keraviatin … Read more

Gro Hair Serum Review

Gro Hair Serum Review

If you are on the hair loss struggle bus, get off at the next stop and check out our GRO Hair Serum review. Puns aside, losing your hair really sucks, and we are on a mission to find the best products for your hair and your bank account. If you are tired of trying products … Read more

Pura D’or Hair Loss Serum Review

pura d'or hair therapy scalp serum review

If your google search history is full of questions like, “how do I grow back my hair,” “cures for hair loss,” and “best hair loss products,” I feel your pain. Hair loss is no fun, and it brings with it tons of unanswered questions and way too many search results to read through. While I … Read more

Propidren Hairgenics Vitamins Review

propidren hair growth supplement review

Losing your hair sucks big time. Trying to find the right hair growth vitamin among the thousands of options available is a real struggle. Do you need all of that collagen or the massive amounts of biotin? Are the reviews even real, or are they paid? And how do you know if they even work? … Read more

Hairfluence Hair Growth Formula Review

Hairfluence Hair Growth Formula Review

If you are experiencing hair loss, you know there is no shortage of products out there promising to restore your hair and give you the long locks you have always dreamed of. With so many choices available to you, how do you know what products work and what ones don’t? The truth is, a lot … Read more

Styrian Pumpkin Oil Review

Styrian Pumpkin Oil Review

What is Styrian Pumpkin Oil? Styrian pumpkin oil is an edible oil, derived from pumpkins and their seeds. However, this particular pumpkin is grown specifically for its nutritious seeds. Standard pumpkin seeds are white, while Styrian pumpkin seeds are colored a deep emerald green. Their unusual color is more than a stylistic nuance, though, as … Read more