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While their product is FDA-Cleared, there’s got to be a red flag coming up in your mind when you hear that an entire laser cap business popped up overnight with the infrastructure necessary to properly conduct quality control and comply with the many regulations of the laser cap industry.

Other brands, including Kiierr have sprung up, leveraging illumiflow efforts, directly or indirectly, as the predicate for FDA clearance.

Here’s a simple timeline using data from the FDA records of when Kiierr FDA clearance was granted. Note that Kiierr was granted FDA clearance through a laser device which gained its FDA clearance from illumiflow, effectively making illumiflow the grandparent predicate device.

The takeaway here is that some laser device websites are not established companies and may be operated by internet marketers who chase profits first with quality control and support infrastructure a second thought.

Of course, this is just opinion, but the optics are NOT good, so it’s worth doing your research before buying online.

“Fast” isn’t good when it comes to start-up laser cap brands

Running a laser cap company is expensive by nature, requiring infrastructure to support a team who can tend to endless assessment of emerging and current technologies, science and health, and customer service, all while remaining compliant to regulations. Meanwhile, to some companies, FDA clearance is just another startup cost.

The most obvious signs that Kiierr is operated by internet marketers and not people who are passionate about hair loss:

When Kiierr first launched its website, they used misleading information to project the image of a longstanding company with a history of sales and support. Most such information has since been removed – after websites like this one called them out online. Here are a few examples, some of which can be seen by stepping back in time on websites like

  • They recently removed customer reviews on their website predating their FDA clearance.
  • The badges on their homepage for CNN, DATELINE, TODAY, The DOCTORs are misleading and link to the Kiierr product page, not to actual press information. Here’s the original website presentation from earlier in 2019:
Kiierr Laser Caps
No disclaimer here! (February 2019)

Later in 2019, they updated their website with a small disclosure reading “LLLT Has Been Featured In:” See the image below. It’s circled in red so you can see it.

This is a common internet marketing tactic.

Note the additional disclosure is in light gray text, intentionally hard to read, which basically says that they’re toeing the line, but this isn’t necessarily for the shopper consumption.

Home Page for Kiierr Laser Caps for Hair Loss
Note the new disclaimer… but the media icons still don’t link to relevant press information! (Current date)

Since their recent FDA clearance, they’ve flooded the internet with pop-ups and retargeting ads, a clear message of where time, energy, and money are being spent, marketing.

Kiierr basically copied content and concepts from other established brands websites.

See the examples below, listed oldest to newest.

Very similar, right?  This is not necessarily illegal or wrong in general, but it is very telling as to who set the standard in this industry and which brands are “fast-followers”.

August 2018 illumiflow Home Page
illumiflow laser caps home page

Review of Kiierr December 2019 Home Page
Newly Update Home Page for Kiierr

Illumiflow 2017 Comparison Chart
illumiflow 2017 Laser Cap Helmets Comparison Chart

Illumiflow Update 2019 Comparison Chart
Best Laser Caps for Hair Loss Compared

Kiierr 2019 and Obviously Copied Comparison Chart

Note the Similarities.
Best Laser Therapy Option

While we can’t be sure what’s going on at Kiierr headquarters, in general when so much is spent on marketing in the early days of business, areas such as customer support, product safety or quality control can take a hit.

Established companies like illumiflow, Capillus, and iRestore (full iRestore review here) are safe bets for both quality, safety, and service, so if you’re buying your first laser cap, it might make the most sense to stick to these original brands who were built on a solid foundation.

Illumiflow (our #1 recommendation) is very open about taking FDA clearance seriously—you can read their blog post about it here.

Laser Cap for Hair Loss FDA Clearance
Image Source

Check Out Our Research on the 4 Best FDA Cleared Laser Caps

Be sure to take a look at the comments, experiences, and reviews of Kiierr by others like you below.

Kiierr Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy the Laser Caps by Kiierr on Amazon?

Unfortunately, it looks like Kiierr’s laser caps are no longer available on Amazon. We could speculate as to why but with their strict and often not liked return policy would have issues on Amazon.

We do see that all of the Kiierr competitors like HairMax, Capillus, iRestore, and illumiflow do all offer their laser helmets, combs and caps for purchase on Amazon.

Does Kiierr Customer Service Have a Phone Number to Call?

For the longest time folks would reach out to us here about having issues contacting Kiierr by phone. The biggest complaint was that the Kiierr customer service reps were unresponsive, however, they do seem to have a phone number more prominent on their website.

That said, when we tried to give them a call to ask a question there was no response.  Hopefully, if you need to reach them you’ll have better luck.

What Other Hair Growth Products Does Kiierr Sell?

Like many hair regrowth companies, Kiierr’s primary product is their laser cap, which they offer two primary versions the 272 and 148 models.

That said, they also sell shampoo, hair growth creams, vitamins, and hair conditioner.

Does Kiierr Offer any Upsells?

When you are investing a significant amount of money into a purchase of a laser cap you might be wondering if the company you are buying it from is going to try to upsell more products to you.

This is a great question.

When we checked Kiierr’s checkout process they did, in fact, try to sell you more items primarily a carrying case (which comes standard with several of their competitor’s laser caps by the way).


38 thoughts on “Kiierr Review | Beware the Hype”

  1. The advertisement says “no risk, money back guarantee 100%” It does not say, “if” There are several ifs. You will see the cap is not recommended for ALL patterns of hairloss. Mine is not covered. I tried to return the cap and had not registered even though they have records of my purchase. They will not take back their product. BEWARE !!!!!!

    • I’m really sorry to hear that happened to you with Kiierr, Cheryl.

      So they didn’t live up to their 7-month Money Back Growth Guarantee?

    • She is 100% accurate. I had the exact same experience. This company is a huge scam and their product does not work. FDA approval is meaningless. All that shows is the product won’t hurt your body. It won’t help your hair growth at all. There are so many IF’s on their return refund policy, they should be prosecuted as the biggest bait and switch companies around. SCAM SCAM SCAM

      • Hey Jeff,

        Thanks for sharing and I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience with Kiierr. I do want to clarify that LLLT devices like this don’t have FDA approval but rather FDA clearance.

        That said, while we don’t have experience with using a Kiierr laser cap device personally (I use another brand myself) LLLT laser cap devices have been shown to help regrow hair.

        Depending on the individual and cause of hair loss though it may not be effective for everyone, which is why we recommend going with a company that has a good return policy, top-notch customer support (phone support), and an easy to use money-back guarantee like; illumiflow, Capillus or one of the one’s we talk about here.

    • Yes this company promise for hair growth and risk free is a scam. Buyers beware.

    • Yes it does. 5 minutes of reading on Kiierr’s website explained all the if’s and buts and return policy. 7 month minimum use is plainly stated after the initial return period. If returned during the initial return period there’s a 20% restock fee. After the 7 month period if there is no hair regrowth there is no restock fee. Capillus on the other hand requires a 25% restock fee after their 6 month minimum requirement even if no hair regrowth. Kiierr has the better return policy. I cannot vouch for the efficacy of the product, or any of the different companies products.

      • Hey Kevin, I think the problem that many seem to have with Kiierr’s return policy is that it’s misleading. They advertise online and on their website a 7-month guarantee in many sections without actually linking to their full return policy. So unless you go and find that return policy and read it fully you are misled.

        They also say they have the #1 customer service yet many of these folks have attested to the fact that they can’t even speak to someone and are required to only use email.

        So I guess if they really care about their customers and believe in their laser caps why do they hide the full return policy and why are they so unwilling to actually speak to their customers?

    • I used mine for a few months but keep having problems with it had to send it back twice. It caused my scalp to break out and left my scalp with a burning feeling. Their 100% guarantee does not mean anything. My visa card company will not help me but stand in back of Kiierr not me. Kiierr has the cap but will not refund me anything. Once they have your money you will not get it back. BRWARD Do not deal with them.

  2. No results for me after a year of Kiierr cap use. I used the cap judiciously for a full year and saw little to no results, in fact I think my hair loss got worse during that time. The first 3 months I also took the Kiierr supplements. After 6 months my cap stopped functioning, and they replaced both the cap and battery pack. I mistakenly thought that the “guarantee” for hair growth required a year of use (rather than 7 months), and so attempted to get a refund after a year but was told I had missed my chance. If you want to use their “guarantee”, be sure to read all of the requirements when you first get your cap. You need date-stamped pictures both at the beginning and end of the 7 month period and have to register your purchase within 45 days of purchase.

    • Bill, thanks for sharing your experience with using the Kiierr supplements and laser cap. It’s these kinds of Kiierr reviews that help others who want to regrow their hair know what may or may not help them.

      Also, thanks for letting others know the hoops they have to jump through or the steps they need to have in place so they can even get a refund should the product not work out for them.

  3. I purchased a Kiierr cap and when it arrived I found it would not come close to fitting my size 7 1/2 head. I contacted Kiierr, received a return authorization, and immediately returned it. Other than the cap nothing in the original packaging was touched. When I asked for a refund based on an unusable product I was told that there was a 20% restocking charge. I questioned this based on the “100% satisfaction guarantee.” I was told that this only applied if I kept and tried their product for seven months. Buyer beware! In my opinion there should be NO restocking charge for a product that was not usable from day one.

    • Hey Bruce, thank you for letting us know your review of Kiierr.

      I can imagine that was quite frustrating and seems like a pretty high restocking fee if you ask me.

      I appreciate you sharing so others know.

    • I had the exact same thing happen, the cap would not work properly as it was no where near the proper size. When I contacted Kiieer they told me that they had a better, newer version that would fit for an additonal $300+ cost. I never even used the cap an was withing 5 days of purchase and delivery. I told them I did not want to pay more for a cap that would fit and work and they said I could return it with a 20% restocking fee. Stay away from Kiierr, their customer service sucks! They are only about making money.

      • Hey Russ, we appreciate you sharing your Kiierr review and experience. I’m really sorry to hear that you had this experience as I can imagine how frustrating it is to invest a significant amount into a product to assist with hair loss or hair regrowth only to find out you are actually unable to use the product.

        I’m not really sure why they wouldn’t be willing to just work with you to get this sorted out in a more reasonable manner but it seems like the customer service is offered mostly via email. Is that right? Or were you able to speak to someone?

        I know others here who bought Kiierr products before needed to communicate via email as that’s what their ‘return policy’ page stated.

        • Sorry, it’s been a while, just saw your response. To answer your question as to if I spoke to someone. The answer is yes, I spoke with a young lady and she did not seem at all concerned or interested that the cap did not fit. It sat on top of my head and could not come even close to fitting. I am not a large person, 5’8″ tall, 165 lbs. My head is a normal size head. The cap must have been designed to fit a small asian size head over in China where it was manufactured. I have not been able to use the cap or benefit in any way from my purchase. It has been a total wasted of money and as I stated before, Kiierr product is a marketing scam designed to extract your hard earned dollar. The provide no method to post a reveiw like this on their website or the internet, as they only cherry pick reveiws designed and promoted by their marketing team. Others are cancelled and given no opportunity to tell the truth. I call their reviews, “Fake Reviews”. Thanks for letting me vent and tell the truth, it helps more than Kiierr’s non existant customer service!

      • When I returned mine I was not offered the 20% stocking fee but they keep the full amount and my visa company is standing in back of them not me. Cost me $825.00 for something that keep breaking down, all kinds of problems with it. They have the cap I do not. DO NOT BUY FROM KIIERR, it is BIG SCAM. From what I understand Amazon use to sale their laser cap but not anymore , I guess Amazon wised up.

  4. Someone here must have it in for Kiierr laser caps. I’m trying one myself but I don’t think I can slam it until I know if it’s good or bad first. You are supposed to use this for 7 months before deciding whether to return it or not and it doesn’t seem to be any different than all the other caps out there so I’m going to try it first. And it may not work I don’t know for sure. I did have to get them to replace the battery and charger cord but they did so as I would expect them to. Hopefully it will work as described soon.

    • Hey Danny, I think the issue that many seem to have with Kiierr is their actual return policy, which has many many steps to it. If you don’t follow things to a T they appear to not give you your money back. Also, they make the return window very short after the 7 months so make sure you actually pay attention to that. I’m not sure about you but like the individual whose cap didn’t fit you’d be pretty upset if they wouldn’t give you a refund because you didn’t use a product that didn’t fit.

      I know I would, which is why I decided to use a different company.

      • Hi,
        I had to return the laser cap to Kiierr as it did not work for me after 7 months.
        I followed their instructions on the return process and I did receive my refund, every penny of it. So, just be sure to keep all packaging and paperwork in case you need to return the cap like I did, and insure it on the return mail back. I just regret it didn’t work for me.

  5. Scam Scam Scam, this product burned my head and they won’t take it back! Do not purchase this item the company does not stand behind it!!!

    • Hey T.M., I’m really sorry to hear about that. Did Kiierr give a reason about why they wouldn’t take it back as a return? I’m guessing you were still within their refund period, correct?

  6. Yes i too iam experiencing some. Heart ache from returning this product which did not work i followed the refund policy to the letter what happened to me was when i purchased this product a few months later my card was stolen. After the 7 months i reached out to them threw email they do not have a real person to chat with in the refund department i explained the situation to them they emailed me back very unprofessional saying we sent it to your bank they will figure it out ive been to my bank 2 i ‘ve email them multiple times my bank that i have a great relationship with emailed spoke to visa i think my next step is to call the attorney that my brother works for and send out a letter to the Ftc. Iam. Having a meeting with my lawyer cause of all the stress this has cause me

    • Hey Jesus, really sorry to hear about all of these headaches. Did they send you any proof of refund of your Kiierr purchase or anything like that?

  7. My experience has been great with Kiierr. I have been using mine since having my hair transplant. Definitely feel my hair is stronger and see no hair breaking off. It’s all about the blood flow to the hair Follicles. Just like a plant needing sunlight. I had a problem with a battery 2 years later and they resolved the problem Immediately and have always treated me Professionally. Thanks Kiierr I love my hair.

    • Hey Ryan, thanks for sharing your experience, which seems to be out of the norm from what others have said about Kiierr as their reviews and complaints have shown not the most professional experience. That said, we are happy to hear that you’ve had a better experience and hopefully Kiierr is making a change. That said, when someone is looking to regrow their hair I’d personally recommend finding a company that doesn’t require one to jump through so many hoops to qualify for a satisfaction guarantee or refund.

      • This cap is great i lost all my hair because of steroids while having covid back in Jan-Feb before I lost my hair it was very fine and straight now I have a lot of thick hair and it is so curly you would think I just got a perm it is approximately 2 inches long now 6/24/21

        • My guestion is should I keep wearing the cap and will my hair keep growing with it

          • It depends ultimately how long you’ve been doing it (and if you’ve seen results)… in general – LLLT should be continued through time to keep and maximize hair regrowth.

        • That is good to hear.

          Most LLLT products that are FDA cleared are fairly consistent and similar in performance. Ultimately, warranty and satisfaction guarantees are where some companies fail.

    • I’ve had good responses from them, but as others have mentioned, the cap is exceedingly small. They said they have a larger one for another $300, but that the one I have would be just as effective. Also brought 3 months of ‘supplements’, this was about 4-5 months ago, and still waiting on meaningful results. However, the latest email they sent out has a fellow in a Kiierr shirt espousing the product… the funny thing is I found the SAME ‘doctor’ peddling another product called Revifol, a product the ‘guarantees’ to grow hair. If that is the case, then why would the same ‘doctor’ be on Kiierr attempting to sell their products… something doesn’t seem right….

      • Yea, you sort of have to take this type of promotion with a grain of salt.

        Some brands will cross promote, so while it is good to hear about new options on the market – brands like Kiierr may have found a ‘doctor’ may have found a for-hire ‘doctor’ who promotes anything and everything… it really is best to understand the process of hair regrowth. Consumers are smart (such as yourself) and you were able to sniff out the inconsistency here.

  8. Not only does this product not result in any hair re-growth, but it actually left me with bald patches on the front of my head within months of using this product. The hair loss area on the top of my head probably doubled in size over the time I used it, and it dried my hair out tremendously

    I tried returning this product on 2 occasions, the first time I was told they wanted to me have a positive result and would waive the 7 month time guarantee and that I should see results after using it for a year. I continued using it, and became alarmed at the hair loss on the FRONT of my head in addition to the top, and once again tried returning it. Management asked me to send them before and after photos, which they claim to have never received. When I followed up a few months later, they claim to have never received my before and after photos and refused to accept the return. I again sent them the Before and After photos (how would I have before and after photos if I had not taken them as instructed) but management refuses to stand behind their product.

    Finally, I left a 1 star review on their site (where 95% of the reviews are 4 and 5 stars). if management is legitimate, the review will remain on their site, if management takes it down, it would be false advertising on their part, since I am a verified buyer

    • Hey Neil,

      Thanks for sharing your review of Kiierr and I’m really sorry to hear about your poor experience.

      I did look at their site and don’t see your review there, at least at the time of this comment, which is unfortunate to say the least.


  10. My husband wore it faithfully and we complied with the requirements to “register” and use it for 7 months. In the end he was not happy and he saw no improvement. He insisted upon returning the product. They just now sent me a notice of refund. So disappointing, the refund amount? It is 8% yes, eight percent of the original purchase price. This company cannot be trusted to follow through in good faith with their money back guarantee”. It is my understanding now, that the only item that was covered was the cap itself, even though they made us send every item in the kit, but the shampoo, which was used up by this time anyway. I would tell anyone who is thinking of purchasing this item from Kiierr to run away and throw your money away somewhere else! Wish I could give it 0 stars and warn everyone! Scam sounds right.

    • We are sorry to hear this.

      You would think there would be some recourse – but they are likely getting a large number of returns and trying to limit their damage. Unfortunately it is at your expense.

  11. I’ve called your number a few times and e-mailed you a few times and get no return reply. My Kiierr does not charge. It has been charging for 8 hrs. and still just gets the first light on it. I should still be under warranty.

  12. Hype.
    I purchased a Kiier product. 6 months later. No results.
    The product may work for some. When a hair follicle is dead. It doesn’t come back. Kiier won’t indicate that.


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