Alitura Derma Roller Review

Alitura Derma Roller Review

If you are new to derma rolling, let me tell you, these little devices can be quite useful. Derma rollers can be used for stretch marks, acne, hair loss, growing back your beard, and even breaking down scar tissue. The way they work is simple: Derma rollers use little needles that gently (and superficially) pierce … Read more

Sdara Derma Roller Review

Sdara Derma Roller Review

Let me ask you a question. Are you ready to roll some needles on your scalp? Hear me out, microneedling are not just for your face anymore. Microneedling (or derma rolling) also shows promising results for growing your hair (R1). If you are experiencing hair loss but do not have hundreds or thousands of dollars … Read more

First Botany Biotin Shampoo Review

First Botany Hair Growth Shampoo And Conditioner

If you have noticed your hair is getting thinner or falling out, you are probably on the hunt for ways to grow your hair back, fast. The health and beauty industries are full of hair products claiming to restore your hair health and pump up the density. The problem is, it is easy to claim … Read more

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Review

ultrax labs hair growth shampoo review

Are you looking back at old photos and reminiscing about your full head of hair? Or maybe you just started to notice your hair is thinning, and frankly, it’s freaking you out. Either way, new or old hair loss will still require you to find the best brands to restore your hair to its former … Read more

JJ Ellie Derma Roller Review

jj ellie derma roller reviews

Derma rolling is not a new concept but has recently gained popularity as an alternative hair loss remedy. Typically you will see derma rollers for skin rejuvenation, but recent promising data shows derma rollers are also an effective alternative to help grow back your hair. Essentially micro-needling creates minor skin injuries that encourage collagen production … Read more

Nioxin Shampoo Reviews

Nioxin Hair Thinning Shampoos

From the moment you first notice a bald spot or thinning, you start to panic and try to find a solution to grow your hair back fast quickly. Many of us have been there, and it’s hard to dive through the hundreds of products available in all honesty but from my experience and talking with … Read more

Keraviatin Review

keraviatin review

If you are on a hair growth journey, you have probably stumbled across the benefits of adding a hair growth vitamin to your daily ritual. Hair growth vitamins help address any nutrient deficiencies you might have and help stimulate your scalp and hair health from within. One popular supplement currently on the market is Keraviatin … Read more