HairMax LaserBand 41 Review

hairmax laserband 41 review

In this HairMax LaserBand 41 review and guide, we will look at one of HairMax’s leading LLLT devices. First though, hair loss is often thought of as merely a cosmetic issue. However, dealing with hair loss can indicate other problems are going on, from nutritional deficiencies to environmental factors. That said, in most cases, hair … Read more

SuperGro 272 Laser Cap Review

SuperGro 272 laser cap

Get ready for another (drum roll, please) LLLT review by your friends at If you wonder what the heck LLLT does, simply put it helps regrow your hair with laser lights in a safe and non-invasive way. Think of it like how the sun grows plants. While I may be oversimplifying this, I did … Read more

HairMax LaserBand 41 vs 82

HairMax LaserBand 41 vs 82 reviews

If you are suffering from hair loss or thinning, you likely want to find a safe, effective solution to the problem. Unfortunately, determining which option is best can be a bit difficult due to the abundance of products on the market today. HairMax, a global leader in laser hair loss treatment devices, online offers several … Read more

illumiflow vs iRestore

If you are currently experiencing hair loss and are searching high and low for a solution to your problem that is less invasive than surgery, you will be glad to know there is hope. Hair loss can be devastating and can negatively impact your life in a variety of ways. If this is a familiar … Read more

iGrow Helmet Reviews

iGrow Helmet Reviews - 3.8 stars

If you are struggling with hair loss, there is an innovative new solution that has made its way into at-home treatment in the form of low-level laser therapy. One device on the market today that utilizes this technology is the iGrowth Hair Rejuvenation System. This is a comprehensive review and look at this product as … Read more

CapillusPro Review

CapillusPro Laser Cap Review

Experiencing hair loss can be devastating for a person’s self-confidence. Even though the condition is pretty common in terms of numbers of people experiencing some form of hair loss or thinning, 35 million men and 21 million women according to The Hair Society, dealing with the effects of hair loss can be demoralizing and embarrassing.Thankfully, … Read more

CapillusPlus Review

CapillusPlus Laser Cap Review

Hair loss can be an embarrassing condition that can seem impossible to treat. Thankfully, through innovative hair growth products, there are now effective ways you can restore your hair to its previous glory. One such product is the CapillusPlus laser cap. This CapillusPlus review will tell you everything you need to know about this laser … Read more

CapillusUltra+ Review

CapillusUltra Review

If you suffer from hair loss, you are far from alone. In fact, according to stats from The Hair Society, some 35 million men and 21 million women currently suffer from hair loss. This stat showcases the scope of the hair loss issues and proves how many people are out there right now, desperately searching for … Read more